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 HIT/CIM October, 2012 Webinar


The US Department of Health and Human Services has now set the ICD-10-CM/PCS implementation date as October 2014. 

1. When will ICD-10 be offered?
Our two ICD-10 focused courses are being offered starting in Fall 2012; HIT 202 focuses on ICD-10-CM and HIT 203 focused on ICD-10-PCS.

2. Will the complete ICD-10 coding classification system be taught in a single course?
We are offering two separate courses; ICD-10-CM in HIT 202 and ICD-10-PCS in HIT 203.

3. I have completed HIT 200 (ICD-9), but have not finished HIT 205 and HIT 280. Will I need to take the new ICD-10 courses?
If you stay continuously enrolled each Fall and Spring semester until you graduate, you will not need the new courses, HIT 202 and 203, to meet graduation requirements. HOWEVER, you will need the courses to be prepared for the CCA and RHIT Credential exams if you plan to take the exams anytime from April 2014 or later.

4. When will the CCA and CCS exams shift to ICD-10?
Per information published by AHIMA, these certification exams will shift from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS, effective April 2014.

5. Is ICD-10 that different from ICD-9?
There are two aspects to ICD10. ICD-10-CM is the 10th revision of the ICD coding classification system. Therefore, the basic foundation of ICD-10-CM is very similar to ICD-9-CM.

ICD-10-PCS is the replacement for the procedure codes currently found in ICD-9-CM volume 3. ICD-10-PCS is viewed as a new coding classification system and differs greatly in foundation and concepts from those found in ICD-9-CM volume 3.

6. What do I need to know about ICD-10-CM/PCS if I graduate in 2012?
This will vary based on your coding position/job tasks, and the requirements of your employer. We currently provide some exposure to ICD-10-CM/PCS in HIT 200 and HIT 205. However, there is limited hands-on application of ICD-10-CM/PCS codes in these courses. Furthermore, students in HIT 200 and HIT 205 are not currently required to purchase ICD-10-CM/PCS coding manuals. Students who graduate in 2012 may wish to take the newly offered ICD-10-CM/PCS courses; however, if students who graduate in 2012 take a national certification exam from AHIMA before April 2014, the ICD coding classification tested on that exam will be ICD-9-CM.

7. What do I need to know about ICD-10-CM/PCS if I graduate in 2013?
Students graduating in Spring 2013 or Fall 2013 who plan to take their credential exams prior to April 2014 would need to have education in ICD9CM and students graduating Spring 2014 or after or who plan to take the credential exams in April 2014 or later will need ICD10CM and ICD10PCS.

8. Do I have to know CPT or take HIT 210 if I am planning to graduate after 2013?
Yes, CPT which is part of the HCPCS Coding classification system will not be deleted with implementation of ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS.
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