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Did you know? The fear of public speaking is called glossophobia.  
We work to get over that fast - we love to share good information!

Schedule a class presentation

SBCC faculty & staff, please contact (Roxane Pate, Program Advisor) for more information and to schedule a presentation.

Currently Featuring...

Healthy Eating/Nutrition (30 min)

Learn how to eat healthier to improve your quality of life! 

 See a "Sneak-Peek" here!

Stress Management (30 min)
Did you know there's both positive and negative stress? We can't get get rid of all stress, but we can learn how to recognize it and deal with it in a healthy way. We'll discuss and practice techniques to help you unwind and look at stress in a new light.

What else are we talking about?

Health Services Overview (5-10 min)

Lots of bang for your buck! The $18 Student Health Fee connects students with many useful services, including nurse & health provider visits, free personal counseling sessions, sexual health services, and over the counter supplies to keep you happy, healthy, and well.

Responsible Drinking (30 min)

Did you know that 32.6% of SBCC students have never drunk alcohol or haven't
drunk in the past month?* Our presentation includes results from a survey completed by SBCC students on drinking, drink pouring information, BAC calculator resource, the signs of alcohol poisoning, and 
strategies to help you stay safe if you choose to drink.

*(SBCC American College Health Survey Spring 2013)

Relationships & Communication (30 min)

We'll take a closer look at healthy and unhealthy forms of communication, and how your sex life can be effected by alcohol use.


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