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2013 Football

La Playa Stadium


What We Do

Our mission at Santa Barbara City College is about preparing the student-athlete to move on and be successful at the 4-year level. It describes where we're going and how we intend to get there. Our goal is to put you in an environment that is consistent with 4-year scholarship programs. We want to be a place of development. We believe that the better our players are individually, the stronger we will be as a team.

Santa Barbara City College Football Mission Statement

Develop into a Successful Student
Develop into a Championship Player
Develop into a Great Person
Have Fun Doing It

Everything we do is focused around our mission:

1. We will provide you the support and structure to help you develop into a successful student.

2. We believe we will help you to develop the basic fundamentals to become the best football player you can be.

3. You will develop character as an SBCC Vaquero. This will allow you to represent yourself, your family and your teammates in a positive way.

4. Coming to SBCC and playing football for the "VAQS" will be one of the greatest experiences of your life. We’ll make sure that you have fun every day!

If this statement is appealing to you, we hope that you will give the Vaqueros a chance to help you move to the next level.


Head Coach    Craig Moropoulos  
Phone: 805-965-0581   Ext. 2460                   

Def. Coordinator             Kevin Almlie          (805) 965-0581 Ext: 3662
OL Coach/Run Game       Don Willis             (805) 965-0581 Ext: 3661    
Assistant Coach/DL         Jeff Santarosa       (805) 965-0581 Ext: 3642
Assistant Coach/WR       Rob Adan             (805) 965-0581 Ext. 2271
Assistant Coach/LB         Logan Hurn           (805) 965-0581 Ext. 2271
Assistant Coach/RB        Sheldon Canley     (805) 965-0581 Ext. 2271
Assistant Coach/WR        James Pearlstone  (805) 965-0581 Ext 2271
Assistant Coach/DB        Zack Zimmerman  (805) 965-0581 Ext. 2271
Assistant Coach/LB         Chad Quirarte        (805) 965-0581 Ext 2271

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