photo graph of Kathleen DeweySBCC FACULTY AWARD OF THE MONTH

September 2003

Ms. Kathleen Dewey
English Department
Adjunct Instructor


Quotations from award nominator(s):

"Every semester, she approaches her classes with refreshing enthusiasm. She gives it her all as if she were just starting out. The course is never simply rote or routine… At a time when old-fashioned teaching has become, well, old-fashioned, such teachers are rare."

Interview with Kathleen:

1. What I’ve learned in my 15 years at SBCC:
       When in doubt, ask Deanna. (English/Math Dept Secretary)
2. Words of wisdom:
       (borrowed from Paul Molloy) -"Teaching is a damn noble profession."
3. Favorite place on campus:
       SS 240E (meeting room)
4. Hope for the future:
       My students will know that voting is a sacred privilege – and a verb.
5. Best advice to students:
       Attendance matters.
       Avoid asking your instructor: “Are we going to do anything important today?"
6. Hobbies/interests:
       Genealogy research and cemetery prowling
7. Dream job if I weren’t a teacher:
       With the exception of having to wear the silly hat, I’d like to be an Interpretive Ranger in the National Park system.
       If the hat proves too much of an obstacle, then I’ll choose Reading Clerk of the House of Representatives.
8. Living people I admire:
       Molly Ivins and my son, Daniel Dewey
9. Historical figures I identify with:
       Edna St Vincent Millay and Doug Fossek
10. Dream vacations:
       Visit my grandfather’s house in Skerries, Co., Dublin, Ireland
11. Burning desire for SBCC:
       The return of two classes: Archery and Oral Interpretation of Literature
12. Best things about being a teacher at SBCC:
       a) My colleagues – I am honored and proud to work among them.
       b) Working where ideas and ideals have intrinsic value