October 2003

photograph of Karolyn HannaDr. Karolyn Hanna, PhD RN
Professor of Nursing at SBCC since 1980
Associate Degree Nursing Program
In education for 34 years.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Mankato State University, MN
Master of Science in Guidance & Counseling, Creighton University, NB
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), Cal State Dominguez Hills
Doctorate in Education (PhD), UC Santa Barbara

Quotations from award nominator(s): " From the perspective of her discipline, . . . she has been the most dedicated professor and department member. I know how well respected she is by her students…Her willingness to go the extra mile with her students is admirable. Her work within the department is also amazing…She holds students to high standards while generously giving her extra time to assist them as needed. Her attention to detail and high standards have helped ensure the program remains excellent."
Interview with Karolyn:

Teaching Tip/Advice: Be open, honest, approachable and caring …..and please remember what it was like being a student.

Words of Wisdom: The poster on my office wall says: “The race is not always to the swift…but to those who keep on running." I frequently remind students of this when they are discouraged.

Career Experience Before Coming to SBCC: Initially, I worked as a staff nurse on a medical-surgical nursing unit and in the Operating Room. I’ve also held administrative positions at two hospitals – (as an Assistant Director of Nursing / Director of Medical Education in Sacramento and as Director of Nursing Education at SB Cottage Hospital.) In addition, I’ve been a faculty member with three other nursing programs.

Most Influential Teacher: My most influential teacher was actually my faculty mentor at my first teaching position in St. Louis, MO. Her name is Thelma Teachenor. She taught me how to write course objectives, develop syllabi, effectively use teaching resource materials and write test questions. She was committed to high standards as well as being energetic and enthusiastic about nursing. She was so positive and supportive of students that her attitude was contagious! I remember thinking that I wanted to be just like her. My parents and extended family were also influential in shaping who I am, especially by imparting their Christian faith and family values. They taught me to be a kind and compassionate person.

Student Line: “I can do this (nursing procedure) so much better when you aren’t watching me."

Hobbies: I love to entertain and cook. I like to play Bridge and “hang out" with my friends. I collect dolls from other countries.

Reading Now: I enjoy historical fiction (with a little romance). Some of my favorites have been stories about Native Americans like Mother Earth, Father Sky, and I Heard the Owl Call my Name.

Like About Your Job? Just about everything! I love teaching – both in the classroom and in the clinical area. We (the students and I) have fun together and yet I feel like I’m “touching the future" as I influence these new nurses. I’ve also enjoyed being involved with the Academic Senate and working with faculty, staff and administrative colleagues at SBCC.

Accomplishment: I don’t really think in terms of accomplishments - my approach is simply “to look at what needs to be done and try to do it." However, when my faculty colleagues nominated me for the Hayward Award, I was truly honored.

Don’t Know About Me: As a 4-H member, I was a champion bread baker and won trips to the Minnesota State Fair three times for my bread baking. I also served as Vice President of the Minnesota 4--H Federation for one year.

Happiness: I love being active and involved professionally and I like to travel, especially when I can sneak in a visit with my children and grandchildren. Then there are also those times when it’s just nice to be at home with friends, a fire and a glass of good wine (preferably Chardonnay)!

Would Like to Meet: I would love to meet Florence Nightingale. In fact I have been to Nightingale Museum and to St. Thomas Hospital in London, where she started the first organized School of Nursing.

Favorite Place: I enjoy going back to my home in Minnesota and it’s been wonderful to travel to other countries – especially to Germany and England. But no matter where I go to visit, it’s always so nice to get back to Santa Barbara

Motto: Borrowed from Creighton University – “Anchored in ethics, committed to service, and striving for excellence."