The Faculty Recognition Committee, with divisional representation and responsibility to the Academic Senate, is charged with the following functions and duties:

2006-2007 Committee Members - from left to right:  Clara Oropeza, Sheila Wiley, Jeff Meyer, Katie Laris, Anna Parmely, M'Liss Garza, Susan Mantyla, and Laura Welby.  Not pictured are Robin Goodnough, Kelly Lake, and Joe Herring. 

Award Descriptions Overview for 2007-2008:

Committee Members (2007-2008):

Laura Welby (Committee Chair)
Kelly Lake (Senate Liaison)
M'Liss Garza
Robin Goodnough
Katie Laris
Susan Mantyla
Jeff Meyer
Clara Oropeza
Anna Parmely
Joe Herring

Sheila Wiley


Calander 2007-2008 (Meetings and Deadlines):

Meeting (1:30PM) Fri., Sept. 7, 2007
Meeting (1:30PM) Fri., Sept. 21
Meeting (1:30PM) Fri., Oct 5
Meeting (1:30PM) Fri., Oct. 19
Meeting (1:30PM) Fri., Nov. 2
Meeting (1:30PM) Fri., Nov. 16
Meeting (1:30PM) Fri., Dec. 7
Meeting (1:30PM) Fri., Jan. 25, 2008



2003 - 2004 Committee Report Submitted to the SBCC Academic Senate