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Faculty Professional Development Requirements:

A. The state "work year" obligation is 175 instructional days.  When the legislature approved an opportunity for colleges to have a flexible calendar, some of these 175 days could be substituted with Faculty Professional Development activities. When SBCC decided to adopt a 16 week calendar, with 165 instructional days, the remaining 10 days became flexible. These 10 days are paid working days and, as such, must be accountable to the state auditors. Thus, SBCC must require participation in Faculty Professional Development (FPD) activities and document how those 10 days are used.

B. For any given fiscal year  July 1- June 30  each contract faculty's Faculty Professional Development obligation is a total of 10 days, or 60 hours.

C. A day is considered six (6) hours.

D. "In-Service" used to be counted as the 176 and 177 day of our contract.  When the Instructor's Association negotiated the 16 week calendar, these two days were included in the new 175 day calendar and, as such, became part of the Faculty Professional Development obligation. One all-faculty day in Fall and one day in Spring are now included as part of the 60 hours/10 days of flex.

In addition, one day at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters are now required as "All-Faculty" Faculty Professional Development days; these used to be called 'flex days.' On this day, a series of workshops will be offered for all contract faculty to attend.

These days were also negotiated in the last contract.

E. Summary:

Obligation = 10 days, totaling 60 hours

All-Faculty = 4 days/24 hrs/year: 2 "In-Service" days: (1 day/6 hrs each/ semester, for a yearly total of 12 hrs) PLUS 2 required workshop days:
(1 day/6 hrs each/semester, for a yearly total of 12 hrs) =
24 total mandatory hours.

Individual = 6 days/36 hrs total for the fiscal year (including scheduled activities, eg: workshops, offered during the year at times other than on the In-Service or All-Faculty days). = 10 days/60 hours

F. Substitutions, Rescheduled Activities, and Absences During Mandatory Inservice

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