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Silvia Morgan



Silvia Morgan


My name is Silvia Morgan. I was born and raised in Argentina. Spanish is my first language; English my second, and Croatian my third. Other languages were learned before trips and I particularly like the staccato of Italian, the romanticism of French and the samba rhythms of Portuguese.  I am basically a person who loves to learn, and I like to help others, so teaching came naturally to me from an early age. I like the process of applying myself, of paying attention, of challenging my brain, of collaborating with others, and of discovering new things, especially solutions.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s in ESL at a college in Argentina, I wanted to travel through Europe. I had saved the funds for this trip all my life. About a year before the trip I decided to start a business manufacturing clothing to be able to afford a pedagogy course in England. Both my parents were fashion designers and fully supported my entrepreneurial spirit. They loaned me the use of their factory at night and a little start‐up capital. After 12 months of hard work, I was able to extend my trip through Europe to six months and take two courses in London. Later on, while living in Michigan, my entrepreneurial spirit took flight once again and I started a language services company which grew in a short time to 100 employees. My partners and I sent teachers to corporations, and hired translators, interpreters, and more. The sale of my business allowed me the next adventure in life, to pursue a Masters’ degree and PhD candidacy without getting into student loans. I completed a Masters in Education with an emphasis in Instructional Design at Wayne State University, and was able to go into developing corporate training for automotive companies full time.

Every year, I would be given over a million dollar budget, a team and a goal. As an example, every mechanic in the world who repairs Ford engines, has been certified through a curriculum I designed and developed with a fantastic team of talented writers, animators, web developers, trainers, and project managers who all played important roles in completing the project on time and within budget.

My passion for learning extends to charitable work as well. Five years ago I felt called to help a group of young women in Ghana, Africa finish High School, to escape a life without any possibilities. Their life was dictated by poverty but they were bright and academically strong. I had no idea how to do non‐profit work. Yet, today, I am the CEO of the Ghana High School Project which has sponsored 70 scholarships so far. I like to say CEO does not stand for Chief Executive Officer, in my case, but for Chief Entertainment Officer.

I have a wide range of experience designing, developing and delivering training programs in corporate and academic settings, both in the US, Europe and Latin America. I have more than 30 years of experience teaching ESL, Spanish, soft skills, computer skills, teaching skills. In addition, I am a published author, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a Godmother (times 20), and a friend. The honorary degree of “friend” is the highest award ever received. It is like getting an Oscar, for me, but better, because it doesn’t involve work or money, just pure love.

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