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Patricia Draghi

Patricia Draghi




Tesol Certificate, University of California, Santa Barbara. B.A.. B.F.A. Cornell University, Ithaca, New York


I was born in Montreal, Canada and grew up learning French from kindergarten onward. When I immigrated to the US as a teenager, I felt only a small portion of the discomfort and confusion that our adult ESL students must feel. My non-American roots sparked my interest in travel and learning other languages. I've spent my lifetime trying to keep the French and Spanish languages separated in my brain and continue to struggle with them both today.
After 25 years in business (property renovation and management ), I looked extensively for a new career where I felt that I could give back to my community that had been good to me. I decided to pursue the TESOL Certificate program at UCSB 5 years ago and haven't looked back.  I love the adult learner community at Continuing Education and feel that I have found my niche. I am particularly taken by the hard work, respect, and commitment I see in our local adult English learner.
I continue to travel and have been fortunate to visit Bali and Morocco lately and am looking forward to an upcoming trip to the UAE and Turkey.

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