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Karen Giuffre

Karen Guiffre 



B.A. English-UCSB, California Standard Teaching Credential (Elementary and Secondary), UCSB, TESOL Certificate, UCSB.


ProunouncePro-Pronouncing American English. (Collaboration with Bonnie Blakley)

Essay Steps- A Guided Approach to Effective Essay Writing


I was born in Santa Barbara but not raised here. I came back to attend UCSB and I never quite left. I started my teaching career right out of UCSB’s Credentialing Program teaching for Goleta Schools. I started with Kindergarten and continued moving up a grade as declining enrollment took its toll on jobs. My last assignment was sixth grade. It was here in elementary school my passion for ESL bloomed. I was teaching at Isla Vista School as our Hmong and Vietnamese boat population arrived. ESL lessons began whether we were prepared or not!

At this point, I did take a Santa Barbara break from 1982-1990. When my two children were quite young, my former husband and I packed up the family and put some time in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. We assured family, friends and employers we would only be there for two years. Eight years later we came home primarily because it had sadly become a war zone. My spouse was in medical and I taught 7th, 8th, and 9th grade Language Arts and English with ARAMCO Schools. I was privileged to teach with highly selective and incredible teachers. I was surrounded by the finest mentors education has to offer.

After several years at a local language school, I joined the faculty at Continuing Education, Wake Center. At the moment I teach Level 3 five mornings per week. I serve as instructor, mentor and I have also held the dubious distinction of “Instructor Evaluator.” I love what I do. I have just as much passion for my work as I did when I first began. I am fortunate!

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