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Zulu (lab hours)  (username: zulustaff   password: wywua*68)

Class Schedules

Academic Calendar

ESL Final Exam Schedule

Final Exam Schedule

SLO Instructions

Academic Integrity (cheating) Form

Academic Integrity Procedure

Academic Integrity Policy

ESL Textbook list

Peer Advisor Referral Form

How to find students' phone numbers in Pipeline

Request a Key Form

Level Reassignment Form (Beginning or mid-semester)  

Level Skip Form (End of semester)

International Students Progress Report Form

International Students Progress Check and Procedures

Moodle Tutorials

Gateway Tutor Approval form: log in to Pipeline, click on the WORK tab and click on ENTER TIMESHEETS SYSTEM

ESL Course Outlines (Curricunet) (Read instructions below.) 
a.	Click on the link above. 
b. Under the "Search" link on the left side of the screen,
select "Course."
c. In the next window under “Course Search,” select
“ACTIVE” and “ESL.” Click “OK.”
d. Select the course you need. Open the outline by clicking on the
“COR” image to the left of the course title.
(To make changes: Log in the first time with the following username:  your last name with a capital first letter, then "dot" then the first three letters of your first name with a capital first letter.  Example: "Peinado.Fed". The password is "changeme". Once you are in, you can make your life simpler, and change it to your Pipeline username and password by clicking on "Personal Info")

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