Faculty and Staff

Mike Gonella

Mike Gonella,
Mike is the chair and full-time instructor in the EH department. He teaches a wide range of horticulture classes and has a background in native plant propagation, ecological restoration and Native American Ethnobotany.

Anne Leisb

Anne Leis,
Anne is an EH student and has worked for the department as an intern. She is continuing her internship work as a volunteer, continuing to develop searchable database for care and maintenance of all plants Lifescape Garden plants. She is also the brain-child behind our thriving insectary gardens, which attract and shelter beneficial garden insects.

Ron Mosqueda

Ron Mosqueda ,
Ron is an EH student (Outstanding Student of the Year, 2008) and is a laboratory teaching assistant in the department. He helps instruct students in the lab portions of a number of EH courses. Ron also oversees the Lifescape Garden facility, including the Greenhouse/Shadehouse/Toolshed complex and the living collections.

Picture of Sam Fluitt

Sam Fluitt,
Sam is an EH student and is a hard-working member of the EH team. He designed and installed the new Australian bed and has developed a new water harvesting system in the west end of the Lifescape Garden. He is also an avid composter and keeps our systems running smoothly.

Don Hartley
Don Hartley ,
Don is a long-standing adjunct instructor in the EH department. He teaches the ecological restoration courses and coordinates class expeditions to the Channel Islands. He is co-founder of Growing Solutions, a local educational and habitat restoration non-profit that propagates thousands of plants and restores acres of native habitat annually.
Picture of Kerrigan Harms
Kerrigan Harms,
Kerrigan is an EH student and is a tireless member of the EH departmental team. He is currently assisting in all areas of the Lifescape, and possesses a knack for mechanics.

Bill Spiewak

Bill Spiewak ,
Bill is a long-term adjunct instructor in the EH department. He teaches the Aboriculture course, tree care, and is a local tree expert and past owner of the successful business, Bill’s Tree Care.

Cher Wong

Cher Wong,
Cher is a great help in the propagation of orchids, bulbs and other seeds in the Lifescape Garden greenhouse. She is studying photography and design at SBCC for 1 year and is an international student from Tai Pei, Taiwan.

Karen Flagg
Karen Flagg ,
Karen is a new adjunct instructor in the EH department, teaching a native plant identification course. She is a local expert in native plant identification, seed collection and propagation. She is also a co-founder of Growing Solutions.
Dave Morton,
David is an EH student and has contributed significantly to the organization and propagation of our Lifescape Garden orchids, bulbs and bromeliads. He is a knowledgeable part of the EH team and is also part of the UCal Master Gardener Training Program.



Shelly Gozali

Shelly Gozali ,
Greenhouse Volunteer
An international student from South Sumatra, Indonesia. Shelly is a dedicated volunteer in the greenhouse and Lifescape garden. She is studying economics and horticulture and hopes to transfer to Cal Poly SLO.

Mike Delgado
Mike Delgado ,
Mike is an EH student and is a very dedicated part of our EH team, working for the department in the past and currently under volunteer status. His expertise in plant propagation and native plant care is indispensable. He is the official caretaker of the sensitive Chumash Preserve which houses numerous native plants and habitats that are culturally important to the Chumash people. Mike is also a volunteer at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.

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