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Special Programs

Student Voices
Student Voices is a publication of the English department featuring essays and poems written by students in English and Essential Skills courses. The writing is selected through three rounds of intensive reading by a committee of instructors, and the final selections are published in the magazine.

To submit your work to Student Voices, ask your instructor or the English department secretary (IDC 317) for an entry form.

Deadline: Entries are due in February. See entry form for more details.

Entries should be free of errors and instructor's comments and should be typed with double-spacing and approximately 1-1/2" margins. Do not include a title page or your instructor's name; type your name in the upper right corner of page 1 and center your title below it; number your pages. If you are a winner, you will be asked to submit a copy of your entry on a Macintosh disk. Winners will be notified in early May.

Great Books Curriculum
The Great Books Curriculum is a selection of English Courses here at SBCC that will increase your skills in reading, analytical thinking, and your overall cultural literacy. As Celeste Barber, the Director of the Great Books program suggests, “The characters of these great books belong to all of us. They speak to the human experience.”

The courses use texts that are relevant to courses taught at Four-Year Universities, and completion of four GB courses will qualify students for a departmental award. GB classes may be found in the English 110, 111, and Sophomore Lit sequences, as well as in the Philosophy and Theater Art departments.

For more information, come by IDC 317 or call 965-0581, x 2340 (English Office) or x 3888 (Barber). Great Books at SBCC