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Capsule Course Descriptions

Literature Courses - Spring 2014


Melanie Eckford-Prossor 

Survey of British Literature: English 222

English 222 provides us an opportunity to study ourselves now by looking at the influences of the recent past, since, in many ways, the periods covered in 222 have formed us. Afraid of getting old?  Welcome to the Romantics. Ambivalent about technology--or whole-heartedly embracing it?--welcome to the Romantics and the Victorians. Fear we're running out of time? The fin de siecle covers that too. We will examine the consequences of empire--and the literature of it. We will look at issues of suffrage, emancipation, war and nationhood. We will use one anthology and read Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent, a novel about anarchists who want to blow up time. It should be a great semester.

MW 9:35-10:55am



Melissa Menendez 

American Literature: English 226

This course examines U.S. literature produced from the beginning of Puritan and Pilgrim colonization of North America through the mid-19th century. As we read representative works, we will analyze how intellectual, religious, social, and political movements have influenced their major themes. In doing so, we hope to consider the significance of literary production in the early formation of the U.S. national identity and its ideological constructs.

 MW 12:45-2:05pm



Ann Wilkinson

Shakespeare: English 262 *GBC

A bard by any other name is not the same. Comparisons are odorous (as a beloved character says), but even so we know that Shakespeare is incomparable. For tragical-comical, historical-tragical, comical-historical, or any and every way to see human nature and human action, we find in Shakespeare a fountainhead of knowledge and insight into those human shows of wisdom and compassion, good and evil, and fun and folly. Fall in love with him all over again. He'll lead us down the primrose path of dalliance - but dalliance with a difference, with the rare and the beautiful, with the incomparable.

TR 2:20-3:40pm



Meryl Peters

Introduction to Creative Writing: English 270

Creative Writing provides students with a lively, accessible introduction to the four major literary genres: fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and drama. Students write and read each other's work, and study short models by professional writers. Everyone who meets the prerequisite (English 110) and has a love of writing is welcome to join.

MW 3:55-5:15pm



Melanie Eckford-Prossor

Topics in Literature, Honors: English 282CH

Open to Honors students only. Questions about joining Honors? Email Dr. Eckford-Prossor at Prossor@sbcc.edu

The topic for our late start early finish course is "The Power of Individuals." Over the 8 weeks, students will investigate this idea through philosophical, political, and literary texts. The course goal is for you to define for yourself what the nature of that power might be as well as the various hindrances to it. Ideas could include the distinction between individuals and persons, the place of the individual within a group, the question of national definitions of individuals, and the ethical responsibilities of individuals. Above all, I want this course to be a place where we question the key terms and our assumptions. Lots of discussion, some presentations, one 5 page paper, and short bi-weekly assignments (4 total). Come read works that challenge your ideas and come persuade others of your views.

F 11:15-2:25pm


*Great Books Curriculum


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