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Get Focused...Stay Focused!

Santa Barbara City College's Dual Enrollment Freshman Transition (DEFT) course and the proposed Progression in Education Model (PEM) for grades 10 - 14, make up the Get Focused…Stay Focused! Initiative.

        In short, the Progression in Education Model involves:       

  • All incoming 9th grade students taking a standards-based, comprehensive guidance dual enrollment course (DEFT) that culminates with an online 10-year Career & Education Plan;
  • Followed by the systematic updating and expanding the 10-year plan in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade academic classrooms, meeting the English Language Arts Common Core Standards.

In order to promote student engagement and motivation and therefore college completion:       

  • Santa Barbara area high school students enter SBCC or any other post-secondary education institution with a meaningful Education Plan and an informed declared major for a career-focused program of study.
  • The   online 10-year plan will be a common advisory and academic coaching   tool used by counselors and instructors alike on both the high school   and the college campuses.

Recognized as the key factor in students success, as outlined in the recommendations of the California Community Colleges' Student Success Task Force, every entering freshmen within the Community College system in California should have an Education Plan by the end of their first year. The Get Focused…Stay Focused! Initiative supports this recommendation and expands on this vision in the following unique ways:       

  • All area high school students will arrive at college with complete Career & Education Plans.
  • These plans are meaningful and therefore motivational because they are well-thought-out, personalized, and consistently   planned over four years (138 hours of exposure to the course material).
  • Students will have gained the skills necessary to become self-sufficient researchers and planners of their own futures.
  • Course materials meet the new Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and therefore will help provide capacity-building for instructors as they transition to the new requirements and teaching methods that are shown to promote student learning.


For further information regarding the Get Focused...Stay Focused!™ Initiative, please click here to go the website.

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