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Student Testimonials

"I really enjoy online schooling; I am a DSPS student and this helps me get over the fear of being in a classroom environment, especially when the pop tests or tests come up. I feel so more relaxed doing it this way. I spend much more time online then a classroom. I also don't have to worry about what other students think of my questions, because I can't see them, so I'm not afraid to ask."
-Michelle Storm-Larsen

"My name is Maribel Flores, and I'm taking classes at SBCC online. These classes have been a godsend, I don't have to leave my home to go to class, and I get to interact more with my 6 year old. Any question I have, the instructor is quick to answer it. I get to log on anytime I want to complete assignments, and I have easy access to my grades. Overall I've had a wonderful experience with SBCC, and I'm taking the rest of my classes with them online. I recommend this class to anyone that is looking into online classes."
-Maribel Flores

"On-line classes are a great opportunity to learn on your own schedule. I have taken many on-line classes and I just love the opportunity to work on my degree without the hassles of traffic and parking. Online classes have also been a great tool for juggling my work, school and personal schedules. "
-Michelle Chouinard

"Online classes provide for a more flexible learning environment while maintaining the same great education and teachers found on campus at SBCC. I have taken classes online that I otherwise would not have been able to take because of schedule conflicts. I also think that SBCC has a wide variety of classes to fit everyone's needs."
- Ashley M. Loeh

"My name is Lucinda Ugarte and I am currently enrolled in two online courses. Comm 121 and Photo 109. The reason why I chose to take these course online is because it is a lot more convenient for work and other things I have going on that take time. I think the online teachers are great, they really care about answering your questions as quickly as possible and helping out with any problems you may be having. I personally prefer online courses because I would rather be sitting in a coffee shop with my lap top then sitting in a classroom for 2-5 hours and have to deal with parking on campus. Online courses are really beneficial to me and have really helped me do better in my classes."
-Lucinda Ugarte

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