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Placement Testing

What are Placement Tests and do I need to take them? 

Testing at SBCC is designed to help you identify your skill level in English and math. Once you have test results will be able to enroll in courses appropriate for your ability level. Students may not enroll in English, ESL, or math (except for Math 1), without the proper course placement. The Academic Counseling Center recommends that students who are required to assess, take appropriate placement tests as soon as is reasonably possible, based on your schedule and test availability.  Placement testing is an integral part of creating an educational plan. Creating an informed educational plan with a counselor will assist you in achieving major and career goals. There are specific English and math requirements for many SBCC degree programs as well as for college and university admission and graduation. It is especially important for students to know these requirements for high unit majors and/or majors requiring math coursework (e.g. engineering). A placement test in English or ESL will allow you to sign up for appropriate courses that will help you be more successful in general education and major preparation courses. Completing required courses allows students to earn degrees, graduate, or transfer in a timely manner.

You are not required to take the assessment tests if you have acceptable scores on certain national exams such as Advanced Placement, or if you have successfully completed certain math or English courses at another college. In some instances, students can use test scores from another college for placement into classes at Santa Barbara City College. For a complete list of specific exemptions see "Alternatives to Testing" at the Assessment Help site. If you have a qualifying score or course, you will need to submit documentation. Follow the instructions at the Prerequisite site. Contact the Assessment Office, Room SS-251, (805) 730-4149 for more information or to confirm whether or not your particular score or course is one that can be used for placement at SBCC.

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