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Pass/No Pass Grading

Can I take a class for Pass/No Pass Grading?

Students may elect Pass/No Pass grading in any course listed in the general catalog, with the consent of the instructor or counselor, no later than the fifth week of the semester, 30% of the course duration for classes not full-term, or the first week in Summer session. After the fifth week, neither the student nor the instructor or counselor may change the decision. Credit will be granted only when the work is of a quality equivalent to a grade of "C" or better.

Pass/No Pass grading is not permitted in a course within a student's SBCC major area of study except when the required course is offered only for Pass/No Pass grading or when course credit is received for Advanced Placement (AP) exams.

Transferring institutions may not accept all courses with Pass/No Pass grading. See a counselor in the Transfer Center or Academic Counseling Center for clarification or contact the college or university directly.

Pass can be used for IGETC (even in English and Math).

The UC system will allow 14 units of the 60 transferable units to be graded Pass/No Pass. Some colleges/universities and departments require letter grades for prerequisite courses. The CSU campuses have no uniform limitations on Community College transfer courses graded Pass/No Pass. Check the specific catalog for additional answers.

How does taking classes for Pass/No Pass work?

Taking classes for Pass/No Pass means that you are requesting to receive credit for a course without receiving a letter grade (A, B, C, D, F). As long as you earn the equivalent of an A, B, or C, you will earn a "Pass" for a grade of record. If you earn a D or F, you will receive a "No Pass" on your official transcript.

Some courses at SBCC are designated as "Pass/No Pass ONLY" courses in both the catalog and schedule. Earning a letter grade is not an option for these courses. English 100: Fundamentals of English Composition is an example of a Pass/No Pass course. In other courses, where Pass/No Pass is an option, you must turn in the Pass/No Pass request form to Admissions & Records office by the published deadline in the schedule of classes. After that time, neither the student nor the instructor may change the decision. Credit will be granted only when the work is of a quality equivalent to a grade of "C" or better.

Units earned on a Pass basis will not be calculated into your GPA.

How do I request Pass/No Pass?

Complete the Pass/No Pass Petition available in Admissions & Records and at Take the completed petition to your instructor or counselor for approval. After your instructor or counselor signs and dates your Pass/No Pass Petition, you must return it to Admissions & Records for processing. Be sure to submit it prior to the last day to petition for Pass/No Pass. Check the Student Calendar for that date at

Students enrolled in online classes should send an email requesting the Pass/No Pass grading option to their online instructor or counselor. Plan ahead. Send your request early so that your online instructor or counselor has adequate time to review, approve and forward your request to Admissions & Records prior to the deadline noted on the academic calendar at The online instructor, or counselor, if approving the Pass/No Pass, forwards the students email with their approval to including the course subject code and number, the CRN (course reference number) and the full student name and K (ID) number.

Requests for Pass/No Pass that are received or submitted after the deadline will not be processed.


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