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Alternative Transportation

With many students, staff, and faculty competing for a limited number of parking spaces, it can sometimes be frustrating or feel impossible to find a space, especially in the areas closest to classrooms and office spaces. In order to accommodate those students and employees who absolutely need to drive because of children, health, or off-campus jobs, SBCC encourages all members of the campus community to use alternative forms of transportation whenever possible.

Below is information for students, staff, and faculty on getting to and from campus using alternatives such as Bus Transit, Walking/Skating/Biking, Van Pooling, Car Pooling and the Amtrak train. 


The bus provides a convenient and affordable means of transportation for local residents living between Goleta and Carpinteria. Depending on which line you use and what time you ride, the bus can also be a great place to catch up on reading, researching, or grading papers. The Metropolitan Transit District (MTD) has bus routes that run in front of the main entrance to the campus as well as on the West Campus in front of the Garvin Theatre.
Bus schedules are available online or in the Administration Building and the Campus Center.

Show your SBCC student ID card, during the valid dates and with a current registration sticker, to ride any MTD bus for free.

SBCC employees can also save money on gas and frustration with parking by choosing to ride the MTD. Regular one-way fares are only $1.25, a discounted 10-ride pass costs just $10, and a 30-day Unlimited Pass is available for just $41.

The MTD serves SBCC students, staff, and faculty with four lines that come directly to campus. Click any line to see a schedule of when these buses arrive to campus.

LINE 5 (Mesa/La Cumbre) – Line 5 operates between 6:25 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. with buses coming to campus every 30 minutes to 1 hour throughout the day.
LINE 15x (SBCC/UCSB Express) – Line 15x operates from 7:15 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. with direct lines between SBCC, UCSB and Isla Vista every 30 minutes to 1 hour Monday through Friday while SBCC is in session.
LINE 16 (City College) – Line 16 operates between 7:00 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. Monday through Friday every 30 minutes while SBCC is in session.
LINE 17 (Westside/SBCC) – Line 17 operates from 6:30 a.m. to 8:05 p.m. with buses every 30 minutes.
LINE 4 (The Mesa Loop) – The new Mesa Loop serves students, staff, and faculty traveling between campus, downtown, and the Mesa area along Cliff, Meigs and Carrillo.

Several options are available for students, staff, and faculty that live outside of the area but still want the clean conscience of supporting clean air through using regional mass transit.

Currently we are unable to provide security pick-ups. 

SOLVANG & BUELLTON - For service between Solvang, Buellton, the Hollister Corridor, Goleta, and downtown SB, contact the Clean Air Express. Cash fares are $7 one-way, $50 for a 10-ride pass, or $150 for a 30-day pass. 

LOMPOC & SANTA MARIA - Lompoc and Santa Maria commuters can save money with the Clean Air Express for only $7 for a single use, $50 for a 10-ride pass, or $150 per month.

VENTURA & CARPINTERIA - From Ventura or Carpinteria, ride the Coastal Express.

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Walking, skating, and biking are a great way to get to campus while staying in shape. There is always tons of available bike parking next to any building on campus as well as plenty of bike accessible routes to get around campus in no time.

If you are interested in walking, skating, or biking and would like a map of the safest routes and established bike paths, you can pick up a City Bike Map in the Office of Student Life (CC-217) or the Campus Security Office on East Campus.

Traffic Solutions also provides a beautiful color-coded online bike map (North County and South County) including bicycle routes in every city across the county.

Employees can take advantage of the on campus shower facilities in the Sports Pavilion.  Please E-mail to make arrangements to use the showers. 

For SBCC employees, the College takes part in Traffic Solution's June Team Bike Challenge. Participants get to enjoy the sun, rack up points, and compete for prizes in addition to a $20 gift certificate for the Campus Bookstore. For details or to sign up, contact Commuter Programs.

Students are requested by the Campus Security Office to observe the following rules and advisories regarding bicycles, roller-skating and skateboarding: (1) On campus, ride your bike on designated bike routes only; (2) have your bike registered at UCSB with the UCPD Community Safety Organization; (3) park and lock your bike in the bike racks provided; (4) bikes parked illegally will be impounded; (5) if you use your bike for transportation to and from campus, be sure to have sufficient lights and reflectors for night riding and good visibility; and (6) no roller-skating or skateboarding is permitted on campus at any time.

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SBCC Vanpool program is offered to SBCC employees and students to provide a convenient and affordable means of transportation to and from work for residents living in Santa Maria, Ventura and Ojai.  To enroll in the Vanpool program obtain the Vanpool Guidelines packet and complete the Agreement & Enrollment form available at the Facilities & Operations/Transportation office located behind the Garvin Theater on West campus.  For questions or to join please contact Facilities and Operations at (805) 965-0581 extension 2296 or e-mail

Operating VanPools:

- Follow link to see our up-to-date schedule.

- Currently closed. Seeking Class B drivers.

Santa Maria:
- Follow link to see our up-to-date schedule.

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Carpooling is a great way to save money on gas and to enjoy the company of a neighbor while driving to campus. Additionally, carpool spaces are closer to classrooms and conveniently located on both the East and West Campus. Potential carpoolers are encouraged to join SBCC's new Carpool Matchlist program. Traffic Solutions has a free app you can download for an android or iPhone. Enroll with CARMA today and it will match you with a carpool instantly if one is available!

1.  Find potential carpool partners with similar commuting schedules and preferences
2.  Locate park and ride lots, bus, rail, bike, and vanpool routes
3.  Log your commutes and see how much gas you have saved
4.  Win Prizes!

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