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CNEE 147 Ethical Hacking – Penetration Testing



CNEE 144 Fundamentals of Voice over IP









CNEE 120
Fundamentals of Network Security



CNEE 145
Cisco IOS Network Security



CNEE 146
Cisco PIX Firewalls



CNEE 147

Ethical Hacking Penetration Testing



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Computer-related technologies continue to evolve at an astounding pace. Fortunately, the Computer Network Engineering and Electronics Department provides direct access to the wide array of exciting careers in these fields.  The department offers programs to meet the general needs of the industry and also provides several unique specialty programs. Courses may be completed as a highly specific technical certificate or taken along with General Education courses for the broader A.S. Degree. 

Angel Cardenas
Chair, CNEE

Behzad Masooman, Laboratory Teaching Assistant.












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