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Writing Papers

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The writing process


  1. What makes for a good argumentative paper?
  2. Argumentation and critical thinking tutorials
  3. Resources on arguments and thesis statements


  1. How to write a critical review

Writing a persuasive essay

  1. Essentials of effective persuasive essays
  2. Guide to persuasive writing
  3. Effective academic writing: The argument
  4. Interesting approaches to structuring a persuasive presentation


  1. Guide to writing a comparison/contrast essay
  2. A brief guide to writing a comparison/contrast essay
  3. Compare/contrast papers
  4. Comparison/contrast essays
  5. What is a comparison/contrast essay


  1. How to write a definition
  2. Definition essay
  3. Essay instruction terms: define
  4. Definitions: Web research glossary


  1. Writing descriptions
  2. How to write a description
  3. Things to consider as you write your descriptive essay


  1. Book review
  2. Book review and critique
  3. How to write a book review
  4. Steps for writing a good book review
  5. Writing book reviews
  6. Writing reviews
  7. Writing book reviews

How to write an essay

  1. High school writing vs. college writing
  2. Writing a reaction or response essay

Report writing

  1. Report writing for school and work

Research papers

  1. Internet research skills self-test
  2. Writing a research paper: Comprehensive overview (handbook)
  3. How to begin to write a research paper
  4. Writing research papers: A step-by-step procedure
  5. Guide to completing a research project

Writing papers in a range of disciplines

  1. Writing for the humanities, sciences, and social science
  2. Writing for specific disciplines

Writing for the humanities

  1. Writing about art history
  2. Writing for communication
  3. Writing for history
    1. Writing a history paper
    2. Writing a historical essay
    3. Structuring your history essay parts.htm
  4. Writing a philosophy paper
  5. Writing about literature
    1. Writing about literature: Explication and analysis
    2. Writing papers of literary analysis
  6. Writing about poetry
    1. Writing about poems: Explication and analysis
    2. Writing poetry explications
    3. How to write about poetry

Writing for the social sciences

  1. Writing a political science paper
  2. Guidelines for writing political science essays and research papers
  3. Writing a sociology paper

Writing for the sciences

  1. Writing in the sciences
  2. Writing scientific research reports
  3. How to keep a chem lab notebook
  4. Report writing in the sciences: Sample biology lab report
  5. Chemistry lab report guide


  1. Writing résumés and cover letters
  2. Writing chronological résumés

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