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SBCC Writing Center Handouts are designed to provide learning support for the Santa Barbara City College community. The goal of this site is to help students improve their writing skills by offering them a variety of online resources, to be utilized independently or in conjunction with Writing Center tutorials on campus.

Additional online resources may be found at our Virtual Tutoring Station and at the bottom of this page.


Understanding the Assignment 
(Assignment Analysis)

Looking at the Assignment in Detail: Key Terms

The Writing Process

YOUR Writing Process

Strategies for Dealing With Writing Anxiety & Writer's Block

Pre-Writing Strategies

Essay Structure & Organization

Essay Structure (house diagram)

Personal Narrative - Structure and Organization

Writing a Compare/Contrast Essay

Writing An Introduction

Developing a Thesis Statement

Writing Body Paragraphs

Quote Sandwich

Writing A Conclusion

Preparing for In-Class Writing



Going Over Your Paper 
(Self-Editing Strategies)

Checking Your Paper's Structure

Basic Sentence Structure

Building Complex Sentences
(Coordination and Subordination)

Using Transitions

Using Punctuation Effectively

Beginning Guide to Correct Comma Use

Two Kinds of Commas 
(Commas that Follow Rules &
Commas that Help Structure Sentences)

Twenty Most Common Errors Found in Student Papers

How to Reduce Errors in Your Writing 

A Quick Guide to MLA Format


Steps for Writing a Research Paper

How to Use Quotations

Introducing Quotes and Sources (templates)

Making Claims about Quotes and Sources (templates)

C.A.R.S. Checklist for Evaluating Sources

Gathering Citation Information

Two Parts of MLA Citation

MLA Citation Guidelines

Two Parts of APA Citation

APA Citation Guidelines

Comparing MLA and APA Citation


Common Error Types for English Language Learners

Common Error Types: Sample Sentences for Practice

Basic Article Usage

Using Prepositions

A Short Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs

Grammar Workshop: Word Form

Working on Grammar for English Language Learners

Understanding English Idioms 

Handouts for all stages of the writing process

We have also developed a series of Writing Skills Workshops. Below you will find links to the workshop presentations and activities. Videos of the workshop are also available from CLRC Media Resources.

Getting Started: Explore strategies and resources to understand any type of writing assignment and get started on the right track. 
Workshop Presentation |  Workshop Activity 1 | Workshop Activity 2 

Writing Anxiety :  Stop avoiding the blank page. Develop strategies to increase writing confidence.
Workshop Presentation  Workshop Handout 

Your Writing Process: There is more than one way to write a paper. Explore different approaches for generating a first draft.
Workshop Presentation | Workshop Handout 

Revision Strategies: Improve drafting and revision skills by learning to check for clarity and correctness in your academic writing. 
Workshop Presentation | Workshop Handout

Essentials of Research: Develop a plan for writing a research paper and learn how to find and evaluate sources
Workshop Presentation Workshop Handout

Introduction to Citation: Learn how to identify sources and understand why and when to cite.
Workshop Presentation Workshop Activity

MLA Citation: Learn how to format your paper, build your works cited page, and construct in-text citations. 
Workshop Presentation Workshop Activity

APA Citation: Learn how to format your paper, build your reference page, and construct in-text citations. 
Workshop Presentation | Workshop Activity

For your convenience, here are links to our Writing Session Tutorial Forms, as well as a few additional resources developed by SBCC Faculty and Services. Please also visit our Virtual Tutoring Station.

Tutorial Session Forms

Pre-Tutoring Directed Learning Activity / Session Record 

Session Reflection

Additional Resources

Grammar for Writers - Interactive grammar lessons developed by SBCC professors Lou Spaventa & Sheila Wiley.

Tips for Writing the College Admission Essay - A helpful handbook from the SBCC Transfer Center.

UC Personal Statement Tips

Writing DLAs

Writing Across the Curriculum Guidebook: A collaborative SBCC faculty effort coordinated by English instructor David Starkey.



 All Writing Center Handouts require Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download it for free here.

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