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Information for SBCC Tutor Supervisors


Hiring Information

All tutors are screened and selected by Instructors or Tutor Supervisors. After being selected, at the beginning of each semester all new and returning tutors will need to submit a Tutor Semester Assignment Form. Tutors will not be approved to work until the hiring process is complete. 


Returning Tutor- Hiring Flow Chart

New Tutor- Hiring Flow Chart

1. Please visit the Tutorial Center website to complete the Tutor Semester Assignment Form. **In order to access the online form, you will first have to sign into Pipeline then open a new tab in the same web browser and select the link to the Form.**

Information you should provide the tutor in order to complete the Tutor Semester Assignment Form:

 -If selected to be a Gateway tutor (course embedded tutor), provide the tutor the course(s) and CRN(s).

2. In order to begin working as a tutor, there are a few more steps to complete after you submitted the Tutor Employment Application Form. 

If you are a NEW tutor or have NOT worked on campus in the past 2 YEARS, please visit Human Resources (2nd floor of the Student Services Building) with the appropriate documentation and then visit the Tutorial Center Office (LRC 120). 

If you are a RETURNING tutor the Tutorial Center Coordinator will verify your training status. If you have have NOT worked on campus in the past 2 years, please visit Human Resources (2nd floor of the Student Services Building) with the appropriate documentation and then visit the Tutorial Center Office (LRC 120). If you have worked on campus in the previous two years please visit the Tutorial Center Office (LRC 120).

Documents you should bring to Human Resources:

    • International students will need all the following:

      • Passport,

      • Visa/I-94

      • I-20, and

      • Original Social Security Card.

    • Non-international students and non-students will need:

      • Original Social Security Card or Birth Certificate & Driver's license

      • Or a passport.

Human Resources is open Monday through Thursday 8:00-4:30PM and Friday 8:00-1:00PM. Please allow 25-35 minutes to complete the employee packet with Human Resources.


3. After you meet with Human Resources, you will need to meet the Tutorial Center Coordinator in the office (LRC 120) to complete the hiring process. You will not be cleared to begin working until the process is complete: an EPAF is completed and a timesheet is created.


Tutor Training

All new drop-in general tutors need to complete a three-hour Mandatory Tutor Training Workshop (MTTW) before they start their tutoring jobs.

New Gateway tutors must complete the Tutor Training Seminar (TTS) within their first semester of tutoring. The Seminar is a 5 week 2 hours each week (10 hours total) training.  Drop-in general tutors are encouraged to complete a five-week Tutor Training Seminar (TTS).   

Benefits include
  • an opportunity to learn tutoring best practices before you start tutoring
  • an opportunity to meet with other new tutors and a mentor tutor to have your questions or concerns addressed
  • flexibility in completing the training
  • an opportunity to be paid for the time you spend learning more about becoming an effective tutor
Training Topics

Training will include topics such as

  • the tutor's role
  • listening skills
  • questioning skills
  • helping the student become an independent learner
  • working with students with learning disabilities
  • bridging the cultural gaps
  • preventing sexual harassment

The Center offers numerous Mandatory Tutor Training Workshop (MTTW) and Tutor Training Seminar (TTS) during the semester.  Sign up for one of the training workshops or seminars in the Tutorial Center or contact Jason Levy at or call extension ext. 2667.

The Learning Resources Center media library also offers additional tutor training opportunities for tutors to view during the LRC's open hours.   


Payroll Information


1. All campus computers will allow direct access to Workforce.
Access SBCC Pipeline >  
Employee tab > 
Pay and benefits > 
Time and attendance


2. If you use a personal device (ie-personal computer, iPad, smartphone, etc.) that connects to the internet using Wi-Fi, you first have to authenticate onto the SBCC Wi-Fi, and then sign into Pipeline or use the direct url for Workforce.
Connect to the SBCC Wifi
Access SBCC Pipeline >  
Employee tab > 
Pay and benefits > 
Time and attendance


3. If you are not on campus, you will need to use a desktop or laptop (a mobile device will not work).
Access SBCC Pipeline >  
Employee tab > 
Pay and benefits > 
Time and attendance



  • 10th Day of Each Month:  Hourly employees must review their timesheets for accuracy, SAVE and SUBMIT them to their supervisor.

  • 11th Day of Each Month:  Supervisors review their employees timesheets for accuracy, SAVE, APPROVE and SUBMIT them.

  • Last Business Day of Each Month:  Paychecks are available in the Payroll Office for pick up and/or direct deposits are posted to banks.  


Instructions for Supervisors

Tutor Supervisor Handbooks

The Tutor Supervisor Handbook (Fall 2017) contains valuable information for you.  Find out how to access and approve tutor time sheets, learn about creative ways to use tutors, copy and use the Tutor Referral Form, and much more.  Contact Jason Levy if you would like to receive a complimentary hard copy of the Handbook.  Pay rate information is located on pages 30 and 31 of the Tutor Supervisor Handbook

Pay rate information


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