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Joseph P. Cosand Award

The Chemistry Department, in conjunction with the Physics and Earth Science Departments, offers the Joseph P. Cosand Award to honor the Outstanding Physical Sciences Student of the year.  The award was established in the name of Joseph P. Cosand, a former Superintendent/President of Santa Barbara City College and a scientist, to encourage students in the physical sciences.  A trophy inscribed with the names of previous winners of the award is on permanent display in the Physics Department.  The following individuals have earned this honor.

2000 Ryan Lamore
1995 Martha Wulftange
1994 Mark Harvey
1993 Ray Simmonds
1992 Aquila Chase
1991 David Lipson
1990 Leslie Turrini
1989 Chao-Hui Yang
1988 Jeff Childers
1987 Lori Wilson
1986 Kathy Pickens
1985 Craig Lewis
1984 Ponna Pa
1983 Tracy Karrer
1982 Jan Schultz
1981 Sunni Skiles
1980 Susan Pounder
1979 William Cushman
1978 Darrell Teruya
1977 Michael Burns
1976 James Baumbach
1975 Thomas Flynn
1974 Marta Wolfe
1972 James Campbell
1971 Maureen Matthewson
1970 Thomas Danenhower
1968 Paul Corbett
1967 Jack White
1966 Lily Glockler
1965 Larry Hughes
1964 John Hogan
1963 Ralph Leach



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