Santa Barbara City College Automotive Service & Technology

Program Cost / Financial Aid/Scholarships


Enrollment fees are very reasonable for California residents. Cost for a full-time student, including
textbooks, is less than $500 per semester. Non-resident and International students will have a
significant increase in tuition cost.

Financial Aid

Money is available to help all students who demonstrate financial need to pursue their education.

Board of Governors Waivers (BOGW) cover the enrollment fee, and other grants, loans, work study and scholarships are available for college and living expenses. Inquire about Financial Aid deadlines throughout the year. Many students who would be eligible for financial aid do not apply. Investigate to see if you are eligible.

Scholarships which may not be based on financial need and do not require payment are also available.

Students who are recipients of benefits under the following programs do not pay enrollment, health services, or transportation fees. This must be validated by the Financial Aid Office at Santa Barbara City College prior to registration.

1) Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
2) Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Program, or
3) General Assistance Program
Students receiving benefits under these programs may receive reduced day/evening parking permits for Summer/Fall/Spring semester by presenting verification at time of registration.
For further information: call 965-0581, ext. 2716.
For an application: Stop by the Financial Aid Office in the Student Services building, SS 210. Hours 8:30 A.M.- 3:30 P.M., M-F.


PURPOSE AND FUNCTION: EOPS/CARE is a State and District-funded comprehensive support system for qualified low-income, educationally disadvantaged students who are enrolled full time. The EOPS/CARE program provides transfer, tutorial, academic counseling, and child care services as well as priority registration and financial aid grants. The goal is to help students meet their educational objectives whether they seek occupational certificates, associate degrees and/or transfer to four-year institutions.
LOCATION: The office of EOPS/CARE is located in the Student Services Building, Room SSC-240. Office hours are Monday- Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m..


Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS) provides educational and vocational support to students with verified disabilities who are enrolled in regular college classes. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, alternative formats of printed materials, auxiliary aids, loan of assistive devices, and equivalent access may be requested in the DSPS office SS160. Questions may be directed to the SBCC ADA/Section 504 Coordinator, (805) 965-0581 x2364 (voice) or (805) 962-4084 (TDD).


Several scholarship/award opportunities are available to students in the automotive program at SBCC. A description of each is given below, followed by additional industry and association scholarships.

Thomas R. Bennett Automotive Technology Award
Awarded to outstanding automotive students for work completed while at SBCC. No application required. Recipients nominated and selected by faculty committee. (D3008)
Minimum GPA required: 2.0

Provided by: Mr. Stan Crapo in honor of Mr. Thomas R. Bennett
Number of Annual Awards: Up to 15
Amount of Annual Award(s): $200

Recipients do not need to complete a formal application to receive money from this fund. Often students that do not have the necessary funds but do not have the time needed to receive other financial assistance can receive a waiver with enrollment fees paid from the Thomas R. Bennett Automotive Technology Award.

Annually, automotive faculty members will nominate a student completing the automotive program as “student of the year”. The student is recognized at an awards banquet in mid May with a Thomas R. Bennett five hundred dollar ($500.00) cash award. Automotive students interested in receiving this award will need to complete an application.  See the department chair.

Haigis Jermagian Memorial Scholarship in Automotive
Awarded to a student enrolled in the automotive program. (D7002)
Minimum overall GPA required: 2.5; 3.0 in major coursework

Provided by: Estate of Haigis Jermagian
Number of Annual Awards: 2
Amount of Annual Award(s): $250

In order to receive this scholarship, you must meet the minimum requirements and complete a formal application. Applications are available on-line at the SBCC web site. Please ask your instructor for assistance if necessary. When completing this application, include any other scholarship that might apply. Students who complete the application often receive additional dollars ($500-$2,000) from scholarship funds outside the automotive department.

Santa Barbara Woodie Club Automotive Technology Scholarship
Awarded to a student enrolled in the automotive program.
Basis of award: Motivation, Good Attendance, Academic Achievement, Economic Need, but not required
Minimum overall GPA required: 3.0
Number of Annual Awards: 1
Amount of Annual Award: $1,000

Independent Automotive Professionals Association Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded each year by the Independent Automotive Professionals Association of Santa Barbara.  Applicants are evaluated for their potential for a successful career, their financial need, ability to benefit from training, and their commitment to a long-term career in automotive repair. Scholarship recipients are selected by an independent committee composed of individuals drawn from the Association.  One award is made to an SBCC automotive student. Three awards are made to local high school automotive students who will be attending SBCC automotive classes next year.
Number of Annual Awards: 4
Amount of Annual Award: $250-750