Santa Barbara City College Automotive Service & Technology

Program Information

The Automotive Department at Santa Barbara City College is a trade-oriented department whose primary functions are to provide technicians and mechanics for the local community and to provide career exploration for community college students.   Since automotive technology is progressing at a fast pace program is also committed to providing continuing education to local technicians and to our graduates. Student feedback, community support, and others report we are doing an excellent job in meeting these needs. Our goal is to be counted among the best automotive programs in the nation.
Automotive Student in the computer center

State-of-the-Art Training

"Master" training institution by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) in eight specialty automotive areas. Our program is also certified by the Bureau of Automobile Repair (BAR) to prepare students for the State Emission Certification license.

Our well-equipped shops include the latest in computerized equipment, including four-wheel alignment, digital storage oscilloscopes, 5-gas emission analyzers, diagnostic scan tools, and chassis dynamometers.

Entry Level Job Training

Our primary goal is to help young people exhibiting mechanical aptitude to gain confidence in their abilities. With this self-assurance they will be more likely to find vocations and be motivated to get the most from their experiences at SBCC. We expect to prepare them to the skill level necessary for entry into the automotive profession. With this preparation a graduate will be positioned to make rapid advancement in their specialty areas of expertise, joining many previous graduates as leaders in the local automotive field.

Eight Specialty Areas of Training

The automotive repair field includes independent shops and dealerships that specialize in eight different areas:

Engine repair
Automatic transmission/transaxle
Manual drive train and axle
Suspension and steering
Electrical systems
Heating and air conditioning
Engine performance

Some dealerships and independents perform repairs in all eight of these areas. Many of the same basic principles that govern the mechanical systems of yesterday can be applied to today's sophisticated electronic systems. We continually change and update our evening programs and main core courses to provide an up-to-date and exciting program.  Education and training in automotive computer applications and the use of computerized test equipment is an integral part of our program.

Many of the same basic principles that govern the mechanical systems of yesterday can be applied to the new computer systems. Updating of existing evening programs and minor changes in our main core courses have provided us with an up-to-date and exciting program. We offer training in automotive computer applications and the use of computerized equipment as an integral part of our training program.

Admission Information

Fees at Santa Barbara City College are extremely modest for California residents. Check the "Schedule of Classes", or contact the SBCC Admissions Office at 805/965-0581, ext. 2200. Career and academic planning assistance is available through the Career Information Center.

Articulation Agreement

Successful Santa Barbara area high school automotive students receive college credit for some of the coursework they have completed. See a counselor for more information.

Preparation for 4-year Transfer

Automotive training encompasses a wide variety of skiffs used in other trades. Some of our graduates have become electricians, plumbers, machinists, body and paint specialists, air conditioning specialists, welders, engineers, and carpenters. Many of the skiffs learned in our program prove valuable in later employment in these fields. Automotive students also have opportunities to use knowledge and problem-solving skills learned in our program for other classes. Many CSU and UC engineering majors have receive "hands-on" experience in our program, while doing lower division work at SBCC.

Continuing Education

Another Automotive Program goal is to provide continuing education to our graduates and other technicians in the local automotive trade. Technology in the automotive field is changing rapidly, resulting in an acute need for in-service education and training.

Improve Work Habits and Attitudes

By example and through leadership our staff provides inspiration to young people who may never have experienced the effects of a positive role model. Our goal is to instill pride in workmanship and character. We expect to help our students develop respect for the rights and property of fellow workers, managers, and customers. We also stress accident prevention and safety.

Diversity of Students

The automotive industry provides an abundance of both high-tech and service jobs.SBCC's Automotive Service/Technology program serves a diverse population, with students ranging from returning college graduates looking for gainful employment to second language and EOPS students.

Practical Enrichment

Our introductory courses provide a basic foundation in automotive education for students just starting in the field. With exposure for different career possibilities, students often find a vocation. Those who do not choose the automotive field as a career leave the class as better consumers and with improved thinking skills. They also will have minor service and diagnostic abilities that could possibly impact their lives more than any other comparable length college course.