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Alternatives to Testing

You might not be required to take SBCC's English and/or math test.

If you have one or more of the items listed below, download and submit the Alternatives to Testing Verification Form along with required documentation (details on the form).



  1. Advanced Placement English exam score of 3, 4, 5
  2. International Baccalaureate English Exam score of 5 or higher
  3. SAT Critical Reading score of 500 or above
  4. ACT English test score of 22 or above
  5. AWPE exam passage at UC
  6. CSU EPT exam score of 147 or higher
  7. *CSU Early Assessment Program (EAP) status of “Standard Exceeded.” Note: 'conditional' status not accepted. 
  8. B.A. or B.S. degree from a regionally accredited college or university in the United States. Note: students with a Bachelor's degree are eligible to enroll in English 111 at SBCC and/or any course listing English 110 as a prerequisite. 
  9. Equivalent English 110 (Freshman Composition) course, completed with a grade of "C" or higher at another college. Note: if using this option, submit Prerequisite Verification Form A (information below).


  1. Advanced Placement Calculus AB or BC exam score of 3, 4, 5  
  2. Advanced Placement Statistics exam score of 3, 4, 5
  3. Qualifying raw score report from an MDTP math test taken at another California Community College.
  4. *CSU Early Assessment Program (EAP) status of “Standard Exceeded.” Note: 'conditional' status not accepted
  5. Student elects to begin at the Math 1, Basic Math level (Student must notify Assessment staff for option number 5)
  6. Equivalent prerequisite math course from another college, completed with a grade of "C" or higher. Note: if using this option, submit Prerequisite Verification Form A (information below). 

 *Need help checking your EAP status?

  • You can find your EAP status on the last page of your California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) report. A status of "Standard Exceeded" for English and/or Math exempts you from SBCC's English and/or Math Assessment test. Note: A "Conditional" or "Standard Met/Nearly Met/Not Met" status can not be used as an alternative to testing.
  • If you do not have a copy of your CAASPP report, you may check your EAP status online by going to If you have a "Standard Exceeded" status for English and/or Math, make a copy of your results and send it to the Assessment Office along with a completed Alternatives to Testing Verification Form (details and contact info. on the form). 


If you have successfully completed coursework at another college, submit Prerequisite Verification Form A to meet your math and/or English Assessment requirement. 

You may also petition to challenge a prerequisite based upon (1) knowledge or ability to succeed, (2) prerequisite course has not been made reasonably available, (3) the prerequisite is not valid, (4) prerequisite is discriminatory, and (5) prerequisite was not established in accordance with the District's process for establishing prerequisites. Supporting documentation and Prerequisite Verification FORM B is required. Visit the Prerequisite site for more information on specific deadlines and the required steps for clearance.

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