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Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Committee


The Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Committee (EDPC) is actively coordinating the College's response to prepare for major events such as earthquakes, floods, fire, tsunami and violence on campus.

The EDPC Committee meets weekly.


Joe Sullivan, Vice President, Business Services

Erik Fricke, Director Security

Rob Morales, Director Administrative Services and Emergency Response

Alexandra Thierjung, Administrative Assistant III, Business Services

Paul Bishop, Vice President Information Technologies


Adrienne Betty, Administrative Services Coordinator

Chris Miller, Telecommunications

Julie Hendricks, Director Facilities & Campus Development

Brad Gyll, Maintenance Supervisor

Josh Murray, CE Facilities Supervisor

Carlos Campos, Hazardous Materials Consultant

Jim Clark, Information Technologies

 Safety Meetings Minutes:

Minutes are available upon request from the Vice President, Business Services office.


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