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Dear Colleague:

The purpose of this Handbook is to provide you with concrete steps to follow in submitting your Sabbatical Leave Proposal and Report. The Handbook has information and suggestions to assist you in developing a successful proposal but leaving room for your creativity. Our intention is not to stifle or inhibit your ideas, but to be supportive. It is recommended that you read the entire handbook before starting.

You will note that the Sabbatical Leave Committee has suggested sequential steps for you to follow. The Handbook is arranged so you can relate the individual tasks to the broader goal. It assists you in making certain your intentions are clearly presented.

The Library has copies of previously granted Sabbatical Leave Proposals and Reports available for your review in the Library Faculty Reading Room (L137).

The Sabbatical Leave Committee wishes you the very best in your proposal development. Please do not hesitate to contact us through the Academic Senate Office if we can assist or clarify any of the steps of the Sabbatical Leave process

The Sabbatical Leave Committee

Darin Garard 2005-06 Committe Chair (Communications)

Mary Gibson, 2004-05 Committe Chair (Fine Arts Division)
Jim Stevens (English)
Gail Reynolds (ESL)
Michel Masson (Sciences)
Jan Anderson (Nursing)
Lea Blackburn (Children's Center)

The Sabbatical Leave Committee is made up of members from each Division of the College. Applicants for Sabbatical Leave may not serve on the committee during the semester in which their proposal is being considered. Likewise, an individual returning from a Sabbatical Leave may not participate as a committee member during the semester in which their Report is being evaluated.

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