Sabbatical Leave at SBCC

The Sabbatical Leave Committee of the Academic Senate offers two items of information on these pages. One is the Sabbatical Leave Handbook which contains information on applying for a sabbatical leave as well as requirements for writing your sabbatical report.

The second item is a listing of the Titles of previous Sabbatical Leaves. The complete report can be found in bound volumes in the Faculty Reading Room of the Luria Library.

If you need more information about Sabbatical Leaves, contact the Academic Senate Office for the name of the Committee Chair.

from the District Policy on sabbatical Leaves (2022.11a)

 Sabbatical leaves are granted by the Board of Trustees of Santa Barbara City College in order to ensure that the College will maintain the quality of faculty and educational programs available to students.

Every sabbatical activity should have as its basic element programs that will improve the instructional, counseling, or other educational activity of the College.

The sabbatical is an important means by which the vital faculty member increases his/her knowledge and keeps abreast of developments in his/her field.

The sabbatical leave is a valuable academic tradition because it enhances instructional expertise and professional development and because it serves to revitalize College programs.

 If this sounds like what you have in mind you are in the right place.


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