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Senate Agenda

Meeting Agenda for Wednesday, July 16, 2014

BC-214, 3:00 – 5:00 pm

The Academic Senate at Santa Barbara City College strives to promote effective participation in the College’s decision making in academic and professional matters. These matters are widely known as the “ten plus one” and are locally specified in SBCC’s Board Policy 2510, following Title 5, Sections 53200-53206.

The agenda packet is available online at


1.1 Moment of Silence for Victims of Recent Isla Vista Tragedy

This is the Senate’s first meeting since the horrific killings in Isla Vista. Let us open this meeting with a moment of silence to recognize the loss of these young people who were part of our extended community at UCSB.

1.2  Public Comment

Public comment is for a non-agendized item. Comments are limited to three minutes per person and are not open for discussion by the Senate.

1.3  Approval of Agenda

1.4  Approval of Minutes 2014-05-14 (attach. 1.4)


2.1 Academic Senate President’s brief welcoming remarks

2.2 The Academic Senate’s annual retreat is Wednesday, August 20th, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Gourmet Dining Room. Please look for details via email the week of August 11th. Senators will need to bring information to their divisions based on what is covered at the retreat.

2.3 The Professional Development Studies Department will join the Finance/International Business/Marketing department as a part of the Business Education Division.

2.4 Committee Assignments for 2014-2015 / / The deadline was May 23.

Please fill this out as soon as possible so that the Academic Senate President can assess our committee representation before our August retreat.

2.5 Extra fall Senate meetings TBD: please keep all Wednesdays free until the retreat.

2.6 Saturday Oct. 25th (10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) SBCC will host the Area C meeting of the

Academic Senate of the California Community Colleges (ASCCC). The Academic Senate President needs two people to help organize the event and hopes all Senators can attend.


The following items will be voted as one item without discussion. Any senator may request an item to be moved to action.

3.1 The Radiology Department has been renamed “Medical Imaging Sciences.”

3.2 BP 5020 Nonresident Tuition (attach. 3.2)

3.3 AP 5020 Nonresident Tuition (attach. 3.3)

3.4 Minor changes to ISLO language based on CTL recommendations and feedback at Core Learning Skill Institute (May 27, 28, 29, 2014) (attach. 3.4)

3.5 SBCC has volunteered to be a pilot college for the Educational Planning Initiative for the state. Gwyer Schuyler will be our representative on this statewide initiative sponsored by the Academic Senate of California Community Colleges.


4.1  President Report (Kimberly Monda)

Board of Trustees, Board Policies/Administrative Procedures, Program Location and Land Use Master Plan (PLLUMP), ASCCC (Academic Senate of California Community Colleges) Leadership Institute (June 12, 13, 14 2014).

4.2  College Planning Council Liaison (Kathy O’Connor)

4.3  Academic Policies Liaison (Gordon Coburn)

Academic Policies Committee, Scholastic Standards Committee

4.4  Faculty Development Liaison (Laurie Vasquez)

Sabbatical Leave Committee, Committee on Teaching and Learning, Faculty Recognition Committee, Faculty Professional Development Committee

4.5  Curriculum and Instructional Policies Liaison (Kathy O’Connor)

Curriculum Advisory Committee, Instructional Technology Committee, Student Success and Support Committee, Honors Program Advisory Committee, International Education Committee, Committee on Online Instruction

4.6  Planning and Resources Liaison (Chris Johnston)

Planning and Resources Committee,Facilities Planning, Safety, Security Committee, EOPS Committee, Partnership for Student Success Steering

4.7  Executive Vice President (Jack Friedlander)

4.8  Instructors’ Association Liaison (Bronwen Moore)


5.1 Academic Senate Response to Recent Tragedy in Isla Vista

This is our first meeting since the Isla Vista tragedy. While Dr. Gaskin organized an open forum/discussion on May 27th and many of our community attended the memorial at UCSB on that same afternoon, we have not had a chance as a Senate to discuss the tragedy and what action we might like to take in response.

5.2 Room Prioritization (Priscilla Butler, P&R Chair) (attach. 5.2a & 5.2b)

In the 2013-2014 academic year, P&R was charged with evaluating room usage and making recommendations regarding factors that would maximize efficiencies in room assignment. This work was meant to address two main issues: 1) the lack of rooms available for classes that need to be offered and 2) very little change in priority room assignments over the last 15 years, despite significant growth in some areas.  The year-long process included an in-person inventory of each "off-grid" room (those not managed by the Scheduling Office), reports back from division representatives on room issues and specific usage of these "off-grid" rooms, and discussions about what factors should be taken into account when assigning priority rooms. The two attachments summarize the recommendations for the coming year (5.2.a) and include details about the "off-grid" rooms on campus (5.2.b). Please note that these exclude conference rooms that are not usable as general purpose classroom space.

5.3 IA/Senate/District Workgroup Recommendations for the Academic Senate regarding Department Chairs (attach. 5.3)

See attach. 5.3 for the workgroup’s full list of recommendations. The two listed below were directed to the Senate for response. We will take action on them at our next regular meeting (Sept. 10, 2014).

  1. Require one workshop for new department chairs on or near July 1st, the date when they begin their duties, and institute an annual workshop for all department chairs to be held in the late-spring or early-summer.

  2. The Academic Senate Office will create and maintain a pool of experienced department chairs willing to mentor incoming department chairs. If desired, an incoming department chair can request mentorship from an experienced department chair other than their outgoing department chair.

5.4 IA/Senate/District Workgroup Recommendations for the Academic Senate regarding Faculty Evaluation (attach. 5.4)

At our last meeting the Senate had many questions regarding the recommendations from the workgroup on faculty evaluation. (See attach. 5.4 for the workgroup’s full report.) The two recommendations before the Senate are:

  1. Provide and require training for all faculty performing evaluations.

  2. Provide and require training for all new contract and adjunct faculty hires on contractual requirements and teaching and learning components (how to participate in your own evaluation and the expectations).

If the Senate approves these recommendations at our next regular meeting (Sept. 10, 2014), we can send them to the appropriate committee so that they can be developed in more detail and brought back to the Senate for final approval.

5.5  Board Policies and Administrative Procedures (available at

The following board policies and administrative procedures have been reviewed by BPAP and are being sent to the Academic Senate for review before going to the Board of Trustees.

BP 3255 Program Evaluation

AP 3255 Program Evaluation

BP 4020 Program, Curriculum, and Course Development

AP 4020 Program, Curriculum, and Course Development

AP 4105 Distance Education



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